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Sabre Fencing Gear

Fencing is a precise, exhilarating, and intense sport — as such, having the best sabre fencing gear can make a huge difference in your performance. Morehouse Fencing Gear knows what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases, including all sabre gear.
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Saber Fencing Mask
Saber Fencing Mask
Saber Lamé (Electric Fencing Jacket)
Saber Electric Competition Grade Weapon
Mask Cord
Mask Cord
Plastic Fencing Saber
Plastic Fencing Saber
Saber and Foil Competition Body Cord
Saber Practice Equipment Set
Saber Practice Equipment Set

The Best Sabre Fencing Gear for Olympic-style Competition

If you’re a new fencer or the parent of a student just starting in the sport, you may be wondering about the elements included in sabre fencing gear — the essentials and what attributes you may need to look for. Let’s examine these items and see why they are essential to your child or your own success as a fencer.

What is Sabre and the Fencing Gear Required?

The best sabre fencing gear and the best fencing equipment, for that matter, help you be nimble and precise in your movements. Sabre fencing is a kind of swordsmanship that gives you points when you strike your opponent above the waist. In electronic scoring, your light on the points system turns on, and the match stops. If one person hits the other, that person scores. If both people strike each other, the person who initiated the match scores. There are more details that go into the rules of play, but this is primarily the idea behind sabre fencing.

It is imperative to have specialized gear for sabre fencing that provides comfort and agility in your movements.

Essential Sabre Fencing Gear

Here are some of the pieces of equipment that you must have to compete!

  • Fencing Sabres — This thrusting weapon is perfect for athletes who prize swift motion during sparring in a fast-paced bout. You can hold the guard and handle at different points but can use the guard to protect your hand.
  • Sabre Mask — Your mask is essential for your safety during the fencing competition. It includes a metal mesh guard that protects the competitor’s face and an enclosed portion over the back of the head, protecting you from any injuries.
  • Sabre Jacket (Lamé) and Pants (Knickers) — The jacket covers the torso, the main area where you can be hit for point scoring, while the knickers cover to just below the knee.
  • Sabre Glove — Covers the hand that holds the sword, providing a good grip as well as protecting it from any mistaken touch.
  • Body Cord — Connect the competitor’s suit to the scoring equipment.
  • Underarm protector (plastron) and Chest protector (for women) — Provides additional protection and support to fencing competitors.
  • Fencing Shoes and socks — Sabre competitors need safe shoes that provide traction and comfort during the bout.

How to Choose the Right Sabre Fencing Gear

As you shop for your sabre fencing hobby or sport, you must choose lightweight and breathable items. Due to the nature of the competition, you need to find cut-resistant materials that are durable and give you flexibility for unrestricted movement. With the rules of play, you need to have electrical conductive components for scoring. Ultimately, your clothing, shoes, and weapon should feel comfortable and securely fit your body to provide the maximum benefit.

When you have the right sabre fencing, you can expect to experience —

  • Improved performance
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Increased comfort during training and competitions
  • Enhanced safety for both fencers
  • Better protection against cuts and hits

Some of the other things to consider are personal preferences of fit and style, the kind of fencing that you will be doing and the level that you will be doing it at, how frequently you will be using your items, and the budget that you have. It's always a great idea to check with your coach or training staff to ensure that you have the right items and the proper fit. Be sure to check your products’ instructions for cleaning and maintenance, proper storage, and when you need to replace your items. Taking good care of your sabre fencing gear will help you in the long run as you train and compete in this thrilling sport.

We hope you have a good foundation as you shop for fencing gear — Morehouse Fencing Gear was established by an Olympian who knows what it takes to win. All of our items are available for a full refund up to 90 days after purchase, ensuring you have exactly what you need to compete at a high level.

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