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Fencing Uniform

If you simply need the best fencing uniform, there are alot of points to consider before making a purchase. As fencing is a sport of finesse — having the right uniform can play into your performance and impact how well you master the art of your chosen sport. Morehouse Fencing Gear knows what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases, including your fencing uniform purchase.
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Epee Practice Equipment Set
Epee Practice Equipment Set
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Saber Practice Equipment Set

The Best Fencing Outfits for Olympic-style Competition

When starting out in the world of fencing, you may need to get used to the diverse terms, including the articles of clothing in the fencing uniform.

Introduction to the sport and fencing uniform

Fencing demands hard work and dedication, mentally and physically. It's a wonderful activity to get into, whether you're looking for a challenge as an adult — or if your child is looking for the right sport as a fun and challenging way to get college scholarships. Having the right uniform for fencing is important, as it can affect your performance at a high tier of competition. A suitable fencing uniform collection will set you up for triumph as you begin to learn the art of fencing.

Essential fencing uniform

Depending on which condition you will be competing in, you may need a few individual items to get started, as well as a fencing starter set. Our starter uniform sets include a practice weapon (foil, epee, or sabre), a body cord, mask, jacket, weapon glove, fencing knickers, underarm protector or under plastron, and a chest protector for females. Each of these pieces is essential for the sport. Let's look closely at how the various fencing uniform pieces function and impact your game.

Your Weapon: Sabres, Epée, and Foil — With each of these styles, the rules of play depend on the weapon you use.

  • Foil fencing demands planning skills and precision. It is a lighter weapon with a smaller target area, so you must be meticulous!
  • With épée, you have a slightly weightier weapon and a larger target area. Both foil and épée fencing only score by using the sword's tip.
  • Sabres use cutting and thrusting with both the "sharp" and blunt back of the blade.

Body Cord — Connects the competitor's clothes to the scoring gear in electric scoring.

The Mask — This essential accessory protects your head from injury. The fencer wears it over his head and face, with metal mesh covering the face while allowing the fencer to see.

Jacket (lamé) — The fencing jacket protects the torso and arms with a thick padding. Since the abdomen is often the area where points are scored, it protects the fencer from hits from the opponent's blade.

Glove — The specialized reinforced glove covers the hand holding the weapon, helping to provide an excellent grip and protecting it from any mistaken hit.

Pants (knickers) — The knickers protect just below the knee and are reinforced with padding.

Underarm protector (plastron) and Chest protector (for women) — Provides more protection and support to fencing competitors.

Fencing Shoes — While not included in the starter set, you will need a pair to compete. The special shoes help the fencer have a good grip on the mat while conducting quick movements and footwork.

Why is having the right uniform important?

Ultimately, having the right fencing uniform is imperative to ensure you’re safe, comply with the regulations, perform well, and uphold the traditions of this historic sport.

  1. Because fencing is a sport that involves utilizing various weapons, safety is of utmost importance. the uniform protects the fencer during any bouts. these components should be made a very durable materials to help reduce the risk of injury.
  2. When you're fencing, there are very stringent compliance rules and regulations about your uniform. We ensure that your uniform complies so that you avoid disqualification or penalties.
  3. Your uniform should give you the most mobility and performance to be free and flexible. utilizing your footwork, lunges, and attacks in the best way possible on the strip.
  4. As fencing has Rich history and tradition, the uniform represents the sport's heritage in various ways. Wearing the right attire shows your understanding and sportsmanship.

Our starter fencing uniform sets are a great way to get everything you need to start competing, except for the fencing shoes, which you would purchase separately. If, for any reason, your starter set does not fit properly, we can provide a 90-day money-back guarantee to give you the precise fit that you need. Be sure to get something that will last long-term — our Morehead options are made of the highest quality, ensuring you have a good start in your new sport.

Purchasing Your fencing uniform

Because of this sport's unique needs, having the right equipment for fencing is essential. Morehouse Fencing Gear provides high-quality fencing uniforms for early to experienced Olympic-style training. We proudly offer premier fencing uniforms curated by former Olympian Tim Morehouse! As you look through the various fencing uniforms, be sure to get advice from a coach or experienced fencer before purchasing your equipment.

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