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Fencing Gloves

Purchasing fencing gloves completes the set of protective gear worn in fencing. It is vital to protect your weapon arm, and these gloves protect your hand to the forearm. Whether you are practicing or in a competition, we have the perfect fit and provide the best grip for you! Morehouse Fencing Gear knows what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases.

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Epee and Foil Fencing Glove
Epee and Foil Fencing Glove
Saber Electric Practice Glove
800N Electric Sabre Competition Glove

#1 Fencing Gloves for Olympic-style Competition

Fencing is a sport that demands precision, agility, and strategic thinking. Among the essential components of fencing attire, fencing gloves are often underestimated but play a crucial role in ensuring both performance and safety. and this guide will delve into the world of fencing gloves, exploring their significance, types, features, and how to select the perfect pair for your fencing endeavors.

The Role of Fencing Gloves

Fencing gloves are not just accessories; they are a safeguard for your hands and an extension of your technique. These gloves provide the necessary protection against the rapid thrusts and precise maneuvers that characterize fencing bouts. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fencer, choosing the right pair of fencing gloves can significantly enhance your overall experience.

Types of Fencing Gloves

  1. Foil and Epee Gloves: Foil and epic gloves offer a balance between protection and flexibility, accommodating the nuanced movements required in these forms of fencing. They provide extra padding on the back of the hand for additional safety. The epee fencing glove and foil fencing gloves can be used in non-electric fencing. A slightly padded fencing glove, it is not as bulky as most gloves but will still protect the hand, wrist, and forearm.

  2. Sabre Gloves: Sabre gloves cater to the unique demands of Saber fencing. With additional padding on the outside of the hand in the cuff, they offer enhanced protection during fast and aggressive action.

The Fit of Your Fencing Gloves

When you put on a fencing glove, it should feel snug and not be too stiff. To measure your hand for your fencing gloves, wrap a measuring tape around the widest part below your knuckles, not including the thumb. Be sure to round up to give your hand the room it needs.

Choosing the Perfect Fencing Glove

Quality fencing gloves are made from durable materials that withstand the rigors of training and competition. Leather or synthetic leather is commonly used, offering a combination of durability and comfort. Whenever possible, try on your glove to assess the fit and comfort. Select gloves tailored to your weapon style to ensure optimal protection and flexibility. Investing in quality fencing gloves ensures they last longer and provide consistent protection. If you plan to compete, choose gloves that adhere to the regulations set by the fencing organization.

Finding gloves is a fundamental part of assembling the fencer’s equipment. Enjoy 350 Newton protection against punctures and blows for practice or competition. Whether an aspiring fencer or a seasoned competitor, the right pair of fencing gloves can elevate your skills, enhancing your safety and offering an unparalleled fencing experience on and off the strip.

Morehouse Fencing Gear knows what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases. Find your fencing gloves today!

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