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Start Fencing Like a Champion
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Morehouse Fencing Gear was founded by Olympic fencer Tim Morehouse to help beginners and intermediate fencers take their skills to the next level. We're dedicated to being a one-stop fencing equipment shop for all of your needs. We offer complete packages as well as accessories and custom fencing gear to complement your look.

There's pride and testing that goes into every product we sell, backed up by our 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

If you have any questions, reach out and ask - we'd love to talk with you!

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Learn About The Three Different Fencing Weapons

Learn About The Three Different Fencing Weapons

Foil. Saber. Epee. Did you know that there are three different events in fencing, each with their own unique fencing weapons? While all three weapons have their roots in France, each evolved from vastly different needs, hence, differences in rules and styles. In this article, we will delve into each specific weapon.
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Modern Fencing - A Basic History & Summary of Rules

Modern Fencing - A Basic History & Summary of Rules

From its historic sword fighting origins to its status as a modern Olympic staple, fencing is known for its elegance, its white hot intensity, and a rich culture that spans countries and even continentsFencing consists of three distinct disciplines: foil, epee, and saber. Each discipline has its own set of rules and even uses its own visibly unique weapon.

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