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Sabre Fencing Equipment

The sabre combines elements from both the foil and épée, but with a distinct focus on speed and agility. Morehouse Fencing Gear knows what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases, including sabre fencing equipment.
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Saber Practice Equipment Set
Saber Practice Equipment Set
Saber Electric Competition Grade Weapon
Saber Fencing Mask
Saber Fencing Mask
Mask Cord
Mask Cord
Saber Lamé (Electric Fencing Jacket)
Plastic Fencing Saber
Plastic Fencing Saber
Saber and Foil Competition Body Cord

Exceptional Sabre Fencing Equipment for Olympic-style Competition

Sabre fencing is a sport that requires skill, mental acuity, and the right equipment. If you’ve ever been interested in taking up sabre fencing, or if your child is interested in moving into sabre in a fencing club or local league, understanding the basics of sabre fencing equipment is essential. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll need to get started.

Mask and Helmet

The first pieces of sabre fencing gear that any fencer needs is a mask and helmet. This equipment protects your face and head from getting hit by the sabre blade. A modern mask will have mesh over the eyes and nose, as well as additional padding around the cheeks. It should fit snugly so that it doesn't move around while you are fencing. Depending on where you purchase your mask, it may come with a bib (a piece of cloth which hangs down from the mask) to protect your neck from getting hit by the sabre blade.


A jacket is another important piece of sabre fencing equipment. A traditional sabre jacket has overlapping layers of thick material which offer extra protection against hits from an opponent's blade. Some jackets are designed with extra shoulder padding to give fencers more protection when they raise their arms during footwork drills or lunges. When you try on your jacket, be sure it fits properly and comfortably; too-tight jackets can restrict movement while too-loose jackets can easily get caught on blades during bouts.


Of course, no set of sabre fencing gear would be complete without an actual sabre! Sabres are designed with curved blades so that fencers can score points by hitting their opponents on specific parts of their body or clothing. When buying a sabre, look for one that has good balance between its handle and blade so it feels comfortable in your hand—you'll want a light but firm grip to avoid fatigue during long matches or practice sessions. Don't forget to check if there are any safety features built into the weapon, like safety guards or rubber tips on the end of the blade.

Be sure you have all these pieces before signing up for classes or joining tournaments: masks & helmets, jackets, and quality sabres all make up an essential part of any beginner’s kit with sabre fencing equipment. With all these tools in place, you’ll be well-prepared to take on opponents in this exciting sport.

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