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Fencing Cords

We provide the best fencing cord gear to connect your lamé and scoring system (epee, sabre, or foil) or your mask to the jacket. Morehouse Fencing Gear knows what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases, including the fencing cords.
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Mask Cord
Mask Cord
Epee Body Cord For Electric Fencers

The Right Fencing Cords for Olympic-style Competition

Fencing is a sport for all ages and abilities; there are tournaments for youth and adults around the country all throughout the year. The sport offers something for everyone — whether you're looking for competition, exercise, or fun!

One fun part of the sport is the equipment it takes. In some more advanced competitions, lamés are wired through a body cord to a scoring machine, allowing the competitor’s weapon to report touches when their tips or blades reach the lamé.

When your fencing cords arrive, practice putting them on at home so that you become familiar with the feel of your jacket, cords, and how your outfit moves. Getting used to the gear will help you feel more comfortable when you practice or compete.

If you need a fencing mask cord, foil and sabre fencing body cord, or an epee fencing cord, we have the best solutions for quality connections that won’t fall off or unclip. When you have all the equipment you need, putting on a fencing body cord and lamé can become simple with practice. If you need help putting it on for the first time, your coach can help you walk through it, and you’ll get used to the system in no time.

High-quality fencing equipment will potentially last for many years with the proper care. When shopping for your fencing cords, be sure to purchase the right cord for the right type of fencing. If you have questions, speak with your coach or training team before purchasing.

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