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Fencing Masks

Whether you are starting a new style of fencing or simply need to replace your mask, we provide the premier fencing masks for beginning to skilled Olympic-style competition. You’ll appreciate the high-quality gear for foil, épée, and sabre.

Your mask will be customizable, so review the fit with your coach after your order arrives. Morehouse Fencing Gear knows what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases.

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Saber Fencing Mask
Saber Fencing Mask
Foil Fencing Mask
Foil Fencing Mask
Epee Fencing Mask
Epee Fencing Mask

#1 Fencing Masks for Olympic-style Competition

When purchasing your fencing mask, having the proper fit for the appropriate match style is essential Generally, kids should fit in an XS or S, women will fit in a S or M, and men will use a M or L. Be sure to review the sizing guide, and if it is your first time purchasing, discuss your training needs with your coach before selecting from our fencing masks.

Varying techniques require a different fencing mask for protection and accessories.

  • With beginning épée fencing masks, you will be prepared for non-electric fencing in a beginner class.
  • The foil fencing masks are used for non-electric or “dry” fencing.
  • The sabre fencing mask is suitable for electric fencing.

All our masks offer unrestricted vision, breathability, and comfort while providing the utmost protection.

What are the differences between the three kinds of fencing masks?

The three kinds of fencing masks, designed for epee, foil, and sabre fencing, exhibit variations designed for each gameplay's specific need and rules.

Epee Masks

Epee masks have a coarser mesh design, ensuring better visibility in the slower, more strategic epee fencing style. They do not require any specific electric components within the mask as the entire body is a valid target in epee fencing. Epee masks prioritize protection and visibility, aligning with the weapon’s emphasis on precise touches anywhere on the body.

Foil Masks

Foil masks feature a finer mesh design to prevent the foil’s tip from slipping through and contacting the fencer’s face. They are equipped with a conductive bib and wiring, allowing for accurately detecting valid touches on the torso and the right target area in foil fencing. Foil masks adhere to stricter safety and electrical regulations due to the weapon’s scoring rules (our foil mask is for non-electric fencing).

Sabre Masks

Like epee masks, saber masks often have good visibility and may feature a coarse mesh design to accommodate the dynamic and fast-paced nature of sabre fencing. However, they also incorporate specific electrical components, including a conductive lining on the bib area and the lame, to facilitate detecting valid touches on the upper body, including the head and arms, in line with sabre’s unique rules and more aggressive style of play.

Choosing the right fencing mask

The three types of fencing masks differ in their mesh designs, electrical components, safety regulations, and alignment with the distinct rules and gameplay of epee, foil, and sabre fencing styles. Each mask type is crafted to protect while catering to the characteristics of the sport’s disciplines.

Morehouse Fencing Gear knows what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases.

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