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Fencing Lames

We supply the best fencing lames that offer a wide range of motion and comfort as you learn how to hone your skills and sharpen your defenses and attacks. Enjoy our jackets’ security, comfort, and durability during competition or practice. Morehouse Fencing Gear knows what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases, including fencing lames.
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Saber Lamé (Electric Fencing Jacket)
Foil Lamé (Electric Fencing Jacket)

Exceptional Fencing Lames for Olympic-style Competition

Fencing lames are metal jackets that cover the fencing weapon in higher-level competitions. They are electrically conductive, so they are used in electric-scoring fencing. Non-electric fencing jackets are not conductive and are for practice or epee competitions. Our fencing lame is built specifically for those engaging in electric-scoring competitions.

Fencing lames are made of different materials depending on the weapon they are being used for. They feature a classic grey color and protective elements that help provide a sense of both security and style. The material of the fencing lalamé me is essential because it needs to be durable enough to withstand hits but not so thick that it interferes with the weapon's movement.

Fencing lames come in various sizes and shapes to fit different competitors. Be sure to measure yourself correctly before purchasing a fencing lame. Discuss the sizing with your coach if you have questions.

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