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Fencing Jackets

We provide the best fencing jacket to give you a range of motion and comfort as you focus on improving and taking down your opponent. Enjoy the protection, comfort, and durability you need for competitions and practice. Morehouse Fencing Gear knows what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases, including fencing jackets.

Fencing Jackets
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White Fencing Jacket
White Fencing Jacket
Saber Lamé (Electric Fencing Jacket)
Foil Lamé (Electric Fencing Jacket)

Exceptional Fencing Jackets for Olympic-style Competition

Fencing is a captivating sport that caters to individuals of all ages and skill levels. From youth tournaments to events for adults, fencing offers an inclusive and exhilarating experience


Whether you’re seeking competitive fencing, exercise, or pure enjoyment, fencing has something for everyone. In this electrifying sport, adhering to the regulations and having the proper fencing attire, including the fencing jacket, is necessary to help you have comfort, safety, and success.

The Fencing Experience

Participating in a fencing competition is a thrilling journey that demands dedication and preparation. The regulation uniform, including the white fencing jacket, is at the heart of this. Not only does this jacket signify your role in fencing, but it ensures your safety and enhances your mobility during the intense physical exchanges that define the sport of fencing.

When you receive your fencing gear, be sure to practice assembling the attire correctly. This not only helps you understand the fit and feel of the jacket but also enables you to see how the jacket moves with the outfit in conjunction with the specific moves in fencing. This can help you feel more comfortable and confident on the strip.

The process of putting on the fencing attire, including the body wire and lame, requires some practice. The body wire, a crucial component for electric scoring, connects to the lame under the fencing jacket.

To develop familiarity with your articles of clothing, practice using your gear in front of your coaching staff to ensure that the gloves, masks, fencing jackets, and plastrons fit correctly and give you your necessary range of motion. It’s a crucial step in understanding the fit for your peak performance.

Finding the Proper Fencing Jacket

When shopping for a fencing jacket, having the right fit is paramount. To find the right fencing jacket that ensures comfort, safety, and optimal performance follow these steps. Begin by recognizing that fencing caters to all ages and skill levels. Be sure to review the sizing instructions before you place your order. Once you’ve purchased your equipment, assemble your fencing gear at home to become acquainted with the jacket’s feel and movement. Train in protective gear to build resilience, and invest in high-quality equipment for durability.

Fencing unites passion with performance. As you embark on your fencing journey, remember that the proper attire including the fencing jacket is vital to your success and safety. Our products provide a seamless base for this exhilarating sport.

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