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Fencing Plastrons

If you are assembling your new fencing equipment set or replacing some of your existing pieces, you may need a new fencing plastron. We provide top-notch fencing plastrons to help you forget the necessary equipment and focus on honing your skills in this intense and competitive sport. Morehouse Fencing Gear understands what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases, including fencing plastrons.
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Underarm Standard Fencing Plastron

Best Quality Fencing Plastrons for Olympic Style Competition

Tim Morehouse has tailored and handpicked our fencing equipment, including fencing plastrons, for young to experienced fencers. The plastron protects your underarm and part of your torso; it is an essential piece of equipment you need to stay safe as you compete in and practice fencing. You can trust that the equipment in the fit will be just what you need from our selection.

What are Fencing Plastrons?

If it's your first time assembling the right fencing equipment, you may think there are quite a few pieces — and you would be correct! The fencing plastrons are essential gear for modern fencers, and they are crucial for you to succeed and be safe on the piste. This piece of equipment supports the torso, protecting the back of you during bouts. Here's a little bit about what plastrons are, their history, why fencers today need them, and when they could potentially wear them.

Fencing plastrons are protective garments that fencers wear underneath their jackets—designed to protect the torso. You must be secure in the specific target area during bouts. Made of flexible material, it covers quite a bit of space between the torso down to the hips.

History of Fencing Plastrons

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, English speakers first use this word of French origin for “the breastplate,” as the name for what was worn under chainmail by knights. In the 17th century, the word plastron was used for the protective pad that fencers wear. And later, it moved into the protective shirt worn under the fencer's jacket.

Why do Fencers Need to Wear a Plastron?

Today, the plastron is worn over the breeches braces (if you have them) and under the jacket. It’s simply better protection for the underneath of your arm to your back on the sword side. This added protection for the torso helps to keep you safe from serious injury from a well-formulated thrust. This piece of material absorbs the impact, lessening the risk of injury.

What are the different kinds of plastrons?

There are two kinds you can purchase: FIE Plastrons or Non-FIE Plastrons. The first is regulated by the Fédération Internationale d'Escrime or the international regulating body for Olympic Fencing. These are more expensive because of the better quality. On the other hand, Non-FIE plastrons are a little thinner, offer less protection, and are less expensive. These are better for new or beginning fencers who are just starting.

Wearing a Plastron vs. not Wearing One.

If it’s a lower-intensity bout or practice time, a fencer may want to have more mobility instead of wearing one. Still, we recommend wearing one at all times, especially for more experienced people. In the intensity of attacks, the plastron gives you the best protection to stay safe.

Plastrons are vital assets in the fencer’s equipment listing! If you’re new to the sport, you should also consider the following pieces of equipment or getting a fencing starter set. For any kind of fencing, you are required to have the following clothing —

Fencing Plastrons from Morehouse Fencing Gear

At Morehouse Fencing Gear, we provide the most easily accessible and quality fencing plastrons and other materials. We can’t wait to help support your fencing journey with the proper clothing and accessories to give you the best fencing experience.

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