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Morehouse Fencing Gear Clothing and Accessories

Morehouse Fencing Gear is where excellence in fencing meets unparalleled style. We are dedicated to providing fencing enthusiasts with top-tier clothing and accessories that seamlessly blend quality and performance. From durable fabrics to cutting-edge designs, Morehouse Fencing Gear is committed to outfitting you with the very best in the world of fencing. Step onto the strip with confidence, style, and a commitment to excellence with our premium gear.

When it comes to fencing, comfort, style, and functionality are essential for peak performance. Well-designed attire and accessories not only enhance comfort during intense bouts but also reflect personal style, contributing to an athlete's confidence.

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American Fencer: Modern Lessons from an Ancient Sport (Hardcover)
Fencing Shoes - Men, Women
Fencing Shoes - Men, Women
From $79.00
Fencing Socks
Fencing Socks
Kids Fencing Shoes
Kids Fencing Shoes
From $79.00
Saber and Foil Competition Body Cord
Stainless Sports Water Bottle 26 oz.
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TMFC Podium Jacket 2022
TMFC Podium Jacket 2022
TMFC Swag Logo Patch
TMFC Swag USA Fencing T-Shirt

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Fencing Clothing

Fencing socks- Our fencing socks are crafted for optimal comfort and support during intense bouts. Designed with durability in mind, these socks provide a snug fit to enhance footwork precision, making them an essential accessory for any fencer.

TMFC Podium Jacket 2022- Our podium jacket is the epitome of style and functionality. Engineered for champions, it seamlessly blends comfort and flair, making a statement both on and off the strip. Elevate your victory moments with this essential piece of fencing gear.

TMFC Swag USA Fencing T-Shirt- Let the whole world know you’re passionate about fencing! Comfort meets style with our TMFC Swag T-shirt.

Fencing Accessories

American Fencer: Modern Lessons from an Ancient Sport (Hardcover)- In his fast-paced memoir, co-written with bestselling author Garth Sundem, Olympic silver medalist Tim Morehouse recounts his remarkable journey from a challenging neighborhood in New York City to fencing arenas worldwide and ultimately to the Olympic podium.

Saber and Foil Competition Body Cord- The body cord is an essential piece of fencing equipment that ensures seamless communication between fencer and scoring apparatus during competition. This specialized cord, meticulously designed for saber and foil disciplines, plays a crucial role in registering valid touches, contributing to the precision and accuracy required in high-stakes bouts.

TMFC Swag Logo Patch- This patch is a symbol of excellence and camaraderie within the fencing community. It represents a commitment to the highest standards of training, sportsmanship, and the pursuit of fencing mastery. And it looks great!

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