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Saber and Foil Competition Body Cord


Saber and Foil Competition Body Cord

The body cords for saber and foil fencing are essential components in any foil or saber fencing beginner set. These cords facilitate the electrical connection between the fencer's weapon and the scoring apparatus during competitive bouts.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these cords feature robust construction using high-quality wires and reinforced connectors to ensure reliable electrical conductivity. Their flexible design allows for freedom of movement, enabling fencers to execute techniques with agility and fluidity. The cords are standardized in length to meet international regulations, ensuring fairness and consistency in competitions. Additionally, their easy maintenance features enable quick cleaning and inspection, ensuring optimal performance on the fencing strip.

The Saber and Foil Competition Body from Morehouse Fencing Gear epitomizes reliability, durability, and precision, serving as vital links between fencer and score in the dynamic world of competitive fencing.

Features & Benefits:

Robust Construction: The body cords are constructed from durable materials, such as high-quality wires and reinforced connectors, ensuring longevity and reliability during intense fencing bouts.

Flexible Design: Designed to be flexible, the cords allow for freedom of movement, enabling fencers to execute techniques with agility and precision without any hindrance.

Secure Connectors: Equipped with secure connectors, the cords firmly attach to both the fencing weapon and the scoring apparatus, ensuring a stable electrical connection throughout the match.

Standardized Length: The length of the body cords is standardized to meet international regulations, promoting fairness and consistency in competitions worldwide.

Easy Maintenance: With their easy maintenance features, such as quick cleaning and inspection, the cords enable fencers to ensure optimal performance and reliability on the fencing strip.


Reliable Electrical Connectivity: The secure connectors and robust construction of the body cords ensure reliable electrical conductivity, allowing accurate scoring and precise feedback during bouts.

Freedom of Movement: The flexible design of the cords enables fencers to move with ease and agility, maintaining fluidity in their actions without any impedance from the cords.

Compliance with Regulations: The standardized length of the body cords ensures compliance with international regulations, promoting fairness and consistency in competitive fencing.

Long-lasting Durability: With their durable construction, the body cords withstand the demands of competitive fencing, providing long-lasting performance and reliability.

Whether it’s saber fencing gear, foil, or epee fencing, Morehouse Fencing Gear is your one stop shop for the best gear. From foil fencing equipment to competition grade electric weapons, look no further than Morehouse. Shop today!

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