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Plastic Fencing Saber


If you’re looking for the best introduction for your small child to the sport of fencing, investing in a plastic fencing saber or another plastic fencing weapon can help them get a sense of the fun and feel of holding a sabre. It provides a safer alternative with increased flexibility and a larger rubber button attached to the tip of the “blade.”

The plastic fencing saber from Morehouse Fencing Gear is made from high-quality plastic and includes a guard as well. Intended for young or aspiring fencers who want to learn the fundamentals of saber fencing in a safe fashion. We recommend using a special jacket for this weapon.

Kids of all ages will enjoy showing their friends their new plastic fencing saber and may start becoming interested in this sport of finesse and agility.

Features and Notes:

  • Length: 85cm (about 33 inches, roughly 3 feet)
  • Weight: 100 grams (less than a pound)
  • Available in black or blue

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Adam Verret
Love it! And the staff were VERY helpful making changes

My daughter and I just started fencing together and these sabers are perfect and safe for our home sparring sessions. Additionally, I needed help changing my shipping address and quantity and the people at Morehouse was prompt and helpful, got it done quick!

Jason Dulde
Top notch toy. Affordable, too.

I bought my two girls these plastic foils to fight against their friends, who wield tacky medeival styled swords. The girls love them. The foils are effective while sparring, durable, plus they look cool. Also they're just a hair pricier than the fake medeival swords so I recommend this product, without reservation, to any parent in the same situation. I picked up a multi-pack of protective eyewear for each girl, and a couple of their friends, too.

Donald Dubroc
Never got product

I ordered from this company and they never sent me my products. They were ordered over a month before Christmas.

Charmelaine Gador-Kabiling

Plastic Fencing Saber

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