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Saber Practice Equipment Set


Ideal for beginners, this bundle deal includes the essential gear you need to start fencing with a saber, including:

  • Fencing Mask
  • Fencing Jacket
  • Underarm Protector / Underplastron
  • Chest Protector (if female)
  • Fencing Knickers
  • Weapon Glove
  • Practice Saber
  • Body Cord: One Size

Features And Notes:

  • Sizing: Check out our FAQ for all sizing information. We've also included an image here to assist you in choosing the correct sizes for everything. You can also reach out to us at gear@timmorehousefencing.com if you have any questions. 

  • Knicker Sizing Note: Knickers are based on European sizes. For waist sizes 20-26 (American standard), add 16 to that number for your European size. For waist sizes 28 and up, add 18 to that number for your European size.

  • This bundle only supports non-electric, or "dry" fencing. The "complete" bundle contains all necessary equipment for electric fencing.

Customer Reviews

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Julia Trischman

Saber Practice Equipment Set

Christopher Norton
Need assistance

Happy with products received .
Not happy regarding missing glove and no response from morehouse on needing to exchange arm protector for larger size.

Nick West

Sabre Fencing Practice Starter Set

Binuan Lin

Sabre Fencing Practice Starter Set

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