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Saber Practice Equipment Set


This all-inclusive saber fencing beginner set equips you for success, whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills. Included is a high-quality, well-balanced practice saber designed for precise strikes and optimal control.

Safety is our top priority, and our sabre fencing equipment set features a comfortable mask, jacket, knickers, plastron, chest protector, and weapon glove – all meticulously crafted to ensure protection without sacrificing mobility. The fencing sabre kit’s robust body cord ensures reliable connectivity to scoring equipment, maintaining uninterrupted communication during training. Whether you're mastering footwork, perfecting parries, or advancing your strategy, this sabre fencing gear provides the tools for comprehensive improvement.


  • Fencing Mask
  • Fencing Jacket
  • Underarm Protector / Underplastron
  • Chest Protector (if female)
  • Fencing Knickers
  • Weapon Glove
  • Practice Saber
  • Body Cord: One Size

Fencing Mask

Built with precision and safety in mind, this fencing mask is designed to provide exceptional protection while ensuring maximum comfort for newcomers to the sport.

Fencing Jacket

Designed with a focus on safety, our fencing jacket boasts a durable yet flexible construction, crafted to withstand the demands of training and sparring. The reinforced padding strategically placed across the chest, back, and arms offers unparalleled defense against strikes while maintaining your freedom of movement.

Underarm Protector / Underplastron

Our underarm protector is tailored to provide a reliable barrier against potential impacts while maintaining your range of motion. Its lightweight and flexible design ensures you can execute every move with agility and precision, while the reinforced padding offers optimal protection to the vulnerable underarm area.

Chest Protector

Crafted for safety and comfort, our chest protector shields vital areas during practice and bouts. Enjoy unrestricted movement and security.

Fencing Knickers

Your gateway to confident footwork and protection. These durable, comfortable knickers offer optimal maneuverability and coverage for novice fencers.

Weapon Glove

Engineered for control and comfort, this saber electric practice glove ensures a secure grip while maintaining tactile sensitivity.

Practice Saber

This practice saber offers a safe yet authentic feel during drills and sparring. Whether you're mastering parries, perfecting lunges, or enhancing your overall technique, this fencing practice saber is your ideal training partner.

Body Cord: One Size

Designed for seamless connection and maximum durability, this body cord ensures uninterrupted communication between fencer and scoring equipment, making every touch count.

Features & Notes:

  • Sizing: Check out our FAQ for all sizing information. We've also included an image here to assist you in choosing the correct sizes for everything. You can also reach out to us at gear@timmorehousefencing.com if you have any questions.

  • Knicker Sizing Note: Knickers are based on European sizes. For waist sizes 20-26 (American standard), add 16 to that number for your European size. For waist sizes 28 and up, add 18 to that number for your European size.

  • This bundle only supports non-electric, or "dry" fencing. The "complete" bundle contains all necessary equipment for electric fencing.

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Julia Trischman

Saber Practice Equipment Set

Christopher Norton
Need assistance

Happy with products received .
Not happy regarding missing glove and no response from morehouse on needing to exchange arm protector for larger size.

Nick West

Sabre Fencing Practice Starter Set

Binuan Lin

Sabre Fencing Practice Starter Set

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