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Saber Electric Practice Glove


This Electric Fencing Glove from Morehouse Fencing Gear is less bulky than most gloves and is ideal for the fencer looking to practice. 

This glove provides protection not only for the hand but also for the wrist and part of the forearm. This is a glove suited for practice only - we also offer a competition glove.

Features and Notes:

  • Offers 350 Newton protection against punctures and blows
  • These gloves cannot be used for official fencing competitions and we recommend them for Youth-12 and under.


  • For an accurate measurement, measure around your palm but don't include the thumb. Then, add half an inch (1/2") to the measurement, and that corresponding number is the proper glove for purchase.
  • R indicates for right-handed fencers. L indicates a glove for left-handed fencers.
    • XX-Small: 5, 5.5
    • X-Small: 6, 6.5
    • Small: 7, 7.5
    • Medium: 8, 8.5, 9
    • Large: 9.5, 10
    • X-Large: 10.5, 11
    • XX-Large: 11.5, 12

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