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Foil Practice Equipment Set


Designed to empower fencers of all levels, this comprehensive kit equips you with the foil fencing gear needed to hone your skills. Perfect parries, enhance lunges, and master techniques with confidence.

Your foil equipment includes a precision-crafted training foil, ensuring realistic practice sessions. Safety remains a priority with included protective gear – a headgear mask, gloves, and chest protector. Whether you're honing basics or perfecting advanced strategies, our Foil fencing equipment empowers you to excel on the strip.


  • Fencing Mask
  • Fencing Jacket
  • Underarm Protector / Underplastron
  • Chest Protector (if female)
  • Fencing Knickers
  • Weapon Glove
  • Practice Foil
  • Body Cord: One Size

Fencing Mask

Engineered with a reinforced grille, this foil fencing mask guarantees maximum facial coverage without compromising visibility. Crafted for comfort, its ergonomic design ensures a snug fit during intense bouts.

Fencing Jacket

Constructed for agility and resilience, this jacket combines premium materials with strategic padding to absorb impacts while ensuring optimal movement. This jacket's ergonomic design and durability will empower you to face opponents with confidence.

Underarm Protector / Underplastron

Crafted to shield your underarm area from potential impacts, this underplastron provides an extra layer of security without restricting your mobility. Our underplastron seamlessly integrates with your gear, ensuring uncompromised performance.

Chest Protector

Meticulously contoured for comfort, this chest protector offers essential coverage without hindering your agility. Crafted with care, it absorbs impacts, ensuring your safety during intense engagements.

Fencing Knickers

Engineered for intense action, these knickers offer strategic reinforcement while enabling unhindered movement on the strip. Designed to keep you cool under pressure, their ergonomic design ensures you're equipped to outmaneuver opponents with finesse.

Weapon Glove

Precision-engineered for optimal grip and sensitivity, this foil fencing glove empowers your every move. Crafted for endurance and comfort, it withstands rigorous training while ensuring a snug fit.

Practice Foil

Engineered to replicate the weight and balance of a competition foil, this training weapon ensures authenticity in every practice session. Designed for both safety and durability, it's an ideal tool for perfecting your thrusts and ripostes.

Body Cord: One Size

This essential accessory ensures consistent signal transmission during intense matches. Crafted for durability, it withstands rigorous training and competition. Keep your focus on the bout as our body cord guarantees a seamless connection, enabling you to fence with precision and confidence.

Features & Notes:

Sizing: Check out our FAQ for all sizing information. We've also included an image here to assist you in choosing the correct sizes for everything. You can also reach out to us at gear@timmorehousefencing.com if you have any questions.

Knicker Sizing Note: Knickers are based on European sizes. For waist sizes 20-26 (American standard), add 16 to that number for your European size. For waist sizes 28 and up, add 18 to that number for your European size.

This bundle only supports non-electric, or "dry" fencing. The complete bundle contains all necessary equipment for electric fencing.

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