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Epee Practice Equipment Set


Step into the world of precision and finesse with our Epee Fencing Equipment Set. Whether you're a novice seeking to learn the art of epee fencing or a seasoned fencer aiming to refine your technique, this comprehensive set is tailored to amplify your training experience.

Built to withstand rigorous training sessions, this epee equipment is crafted from high-quality materials for long-lasting performance. Our set includes headgear, gloves, and a chest protector for comprehensive protection.

Our fencing epee kit is your key to fencing excellence. Order now and transform your practice sessions into triumphant performances on the strip.


  • Fencing Mask
  • Fencing Jacket
  • Underarm Protector / Underplastron
  • Chest Protector (if female)
  • Fencing Knickers
  • Weapon Glove
  • Practice Epee
  • Body Cord: One Size

Fencing Mask

Our Epee Fencing Mask offers unparalleled safety without sacrificing visibility. Crafted with a reinforced grille, this mask provides exceptional protection for your face and head during intense bouts. The innovative design ensures maximum breathability, while the wide field of vision keeps you connected to the action at all times.

Fencing Jacket

Introducing the Epee Fencing Jacket – your armor of choice for the fencing arena. Crafted for durability and flexibility, this jacket offers unparalleled defense without compromising agility. Its padded construction absorbs impacts, ensuring your safety during intense engagements.

Underarm Protector / Underplastron

Designed to safeguard your vulnerable underarm area, this underplastron offers an extra layer of security without hindering your movement. Constructed for comfort and durability, it ensures you're ready to face any challenge on the fencing strip.

Chest Protector

Our Epee Fencing Chest Protector combines form and function to provide unmatched security. Expertly contoured for a comfortable fit, this protector shields your chest area during intense bouts, absorbing impacts while allowing effortless movement. Designed to integrate seamlessly with your fencing gear, it ensures you stay focused on your strategy without distractions.

Fencing Knickers

Engineered for flexibility and durability, these knickers empower you with unrestricted movement on the strip. Reinforced in key areas, they provide essential protection without compromising your agility. Step into the fencing arena fully equipped – choose the Epee Fencing Knickers for unmatched performance and defense.

Weapon Glove

Designed to enhance your grip and sensitivity, this glove ensures every movement is precise and calculated. Engineered for durability and comfort, it withstands rigorous training while providing a snug fit.

Practice Epee

Tailored for training, this practice weapon replicates the weight and feel of a competition-grade epee, allowing you to perfect your moves with authenticity. Crafted for durability and safety, it's the ideal companion for honing your skills and mastering the art of epee fencing. Elevate your training sessions with the Epee Fencing Practice Epee and prepare to shine on the strip.

Body Cord: One Size

Designed for consistent signal transmission, this essential accessory ensures your weapon and scoring equipment work harmoniously. Keep your focus on the match as the Epee Fencing Body Cord guarantees an uninterrupted connection, allowing you to fence with confidence and precision.

Features & Notes:

Sizing: Check out our FAQ for all sizing information. We've also included an image here to assist you in choosing the correct sizes for everything. You can also reach out to us at support@morehousefencinggear.com if you have any questions.

Knicker Sizing Note: Knickers are based on European sizes. For waist sizes 20-26 (American standard), add 16 to that number for your European size. For waist sizes 28 and up, add 18 to that number for your European size.

This bundle only supports non-electric, or "dry" fencing. The complete bundle contains all necessary equipment for electric fencing.

Customer Reviews

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Barbara Moore

Only the knickers fit. Everything else was too small. I need to get this corrected before January 15. Can you help me?

h k
Epee set

The set is great and the delivery was Very Prompt, thank you

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