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Electric Foil Fencing Sets

If you've ever desired to master fencing as a sport or offer your child a thrilling form of exercise, foil fencing is a spectacular choice. At Morehouse Fencing Gear, we provide the best electric fencing starter sets to give you everything you need to hone in on your mastery of fencing. Morehouse Fencing Gear knows what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases, including electric foil fencing sets.
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Foil Practice Equipment Set

Foil Fencing Sets for Olympic-style Competition

As the lightest weapon, the foil is primarily used by beginners to advance competitors to practice techniques as it requires a little less physical strength than the other two weapons. For beginners, it is crucial to have the appropriate equipment as you start to acquire essential fundamentals of the sport. Here are the contents of the basic foil fencing gear set, which will allow you to start competing well in the game.

The Equipment in Electric Foil Fencing Sets

Electric Foil Fencing Sets include all the required gear for someone learning to fence. It comprises a mask, jacket, underarm protector / under plastron, chest protector (if female), knickers, gloves, and practice foil. When a fencing competitor is just practicing, the club will not keep electric score, so you do not need the body cord yet. But once you start using electric scoring, you will need a weapon and a body cord to record your points.

Here's more about each of these parts of the foil fencing gear.

  1. The foil - This weapon is designed explicitly for competitive foil fencing. It consists of the blade, guard, grip, and pommel.
  2. Mask - your fencing mask is crucial to protect your face and head. You can see through the mask with a mesh screen while covering your features against hits.
  3. Jacket/Lame - Your fencing jacket is padded and designed to protect the Torso and the arms from hits. It is usually made of breathable material that remains durable throughout many bouts. To compete with electric fencing, you will need a Lame, a metallic vest worn over the jacket to create the target area and register electrical touches.
  4. Underarm protector — This padded covering is underneath the jacket, protecting your underarm, a common place to be hit in foil fencing.
  5. Knickers - Your knickers are the specific pants worn that go to the knee. You will also need long socks to wear with them.
  6. Glove - You should receive a glove with your electric foil fencing beginning set gear to help protect your hand.

Purchasing Your Electric Foil Fencing Sets

When buying your first foil fencing set, consider the different levels of quality available, ranging from beginner sets designed for novice fencers to sets used by professional athletes.

It’s important not to pull back on the quality because less expensive sets may be constructed with low-grade materials that don’t hold up well over time and may not offer sufficient protection during bouts or tournaments. Getting what you need upfront will save you money in the long run since you won’t have to replace worn-out gear as often. Be sure to visit our armory to have your fencing gear assessed and maintained!

Overall, investing in a quality foil fencing starter set can help improve your practice and performance by giving you better balance and control when holding or wielding your weapon compared to various alternatives.

Concluding Thoughts on Electric Foil Fencing Sets

Investing in quality gear now ensures that you or your child has everything needed to safely practice this challenging yet rewarding sport without worrying about injuries due to ill-fitting or inferior equipment down the line. Starting with the proper foil fencing beginner set can mean the difference between success and failure when learning how to foil fence correctly.

Our foil fencing starter set provides a comprehensive package, including all the equipment your beginner will need in their fencing training. Investing in this convenient and efficient way to kick-start the journey as a fencer eliminates the need to buy all the individual items until you know what the fencer wants and is comfortable with.

When shopping with Morehouse Fencing Gear, we make finding great Electric Foil Fencing Sets easy! We supply the finest foil fencing equipment for beginners to experienced Olympic-style contenders. Shop our foil sets today, and be sure to leave a review once you've finalized your purchase, letting us know what you think about your fencing gear.

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