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Fencing Foils

If you need a new weapon, you may be exploring your options for the perfect fencing foil. We provide top-notch practice fencing foils to help you excel in your blade work and overall fencing game. Morehouse Fencing Gear understands what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases, including fencing foils.
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Foil Pistol Grip Standard Practice Weapon
Foil Fencing French Grip Weapon

#1 Fencing Foils for Olympic-style Competition

Our fencing foils for practice, tailored for your young fencer by Tim Morehouse, are made from the highest-quality materials. The pistol grip foil fencing sword correctly contours to your hand, leveraging your force in the hold. You will appreciate the flexible and aerodynamic blade as you get better experienced with ongoing detailed blade work. Whether choosing your first fencing foil or finding a new one as an experienced trainee, this lightweight weapon can support you in your journey to take your competition to the next level. Here is what you need to know about fencing foils, how to choose one, and how to use them well.

What are Fencing Foils?

The foil fencing sword has been used in this sport’s training since 1700s France. The foil sword grew from the short-court sword in the 17th and 18th centuries. Competitive fencing has grown into a sport that demands speed, flexibility, and the mental capacity to understand and anticipate your opponent. With an incredibly light and flexible weapon with a quadrangular blade, you’ll find foil fencing the perfect match for any starter to an advanced competitor.

Whether starting or continuing your fencing journey, a solid weapon is essential to honing your craft. A fencing foil is one of three weapons used in the sport. Fencing foils are used as two fencers face off against each other on a piste or a narrow strip. They both aim to score more touches on the opponent's body with the tip of their foil. Opponents are restricted to targeting the torso, including the back and the front, and the players must hit the opponent within a specific time frame to score. Fencers wear protective gear, including masks, jackets, and gloves, to avert injuries.

Types of Fencing Foils

Fencing has a long history that dates back to the aristocracy in Europe. Initially, the weapons were used in either self-defense or for dueling purposes. Over time, people began using fencing and other swords as a competitive sport. Fencing foils specifically became standardized in the 18th century when the French grip was introduced. At this point, fencers could hold their weapon with simply their fingers instead of the entire hand. In the 20th century, the sport introduced electric foil, which has become the standard and modern competitive fencing.

There are a few different kinds of fencing foils, including:

  • Practice foils
  • Electric foils
  • French, Italian, or Spanish grip foils
  • Pistol grip foils
  • Parts of the Foil Sword

The foil sword has three main parts. The blade, guard, and handle are the main parts. The guard is also known as the bell and protects the hand when you are competing. The foil sword’s blades have a tapered rectangular edge that must bend when an opponent hits.

The foil blade has two distinct sections, including the forte, the one-third section closer to the guard, and the foible, which is the two-thirds close to the tip.

The other two parts are the pommel and the point. The blade is connected to the guard, and then the pommel fastens to the grip, holding the entire handle together, balancing the weight of the sword, and helping the fencer maintain control. The point is the tip of the blade that makes contact with the opponent’s body while competing.

Electric vs. Dry Fencing

When it comes to fencing, you can either play in electric or dry scoring. Electric scoring has a conductivity component that keeps the score for you. When you play with dry scoring, you must have a judge tallying the score. On the tip of your foil, you will find a cap with a small button that detects touches made by the opponent on the lame or the conductive torso cover.

Quality Fencing Foils from Morehouse Fencing Club

Fencers can relish their practice and success on the piste with the proper fencing foils and other equipment. We exclusively provide the highest quality foil fencing equipment that we would want our own team competitors to use. Shop the fencing foil selection today to find the right equipment.

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