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Foil Fencing Swords

If you are shopping for new foil fencing swords, you may be exploring all the options to help you find your perfect weapon. At Morehouse Fencing Gear, we provide top-of-the-line practice foil fencing swords and equipment that is designed to help you take your blade work and overall fencing game to the next level. Our swords are crafted with precision and ensure the best performance and durability over the course of your play. We are so confident in the quality of our products, we provide a 90-day satisfaction guarantee on all purchases, including our foil fencing swords.
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Foil Pistol Grip Standard Practice Weapon
Foil Fencing French Grip Weapon

#1 Foil Fencing Swords for Olympic-style Competition

One of the best tenants of a growing fencer is the ability to strategically think and anticipate or outmaneuver the opponent. Those who fence appreciate the foil’s quadrangular blades for their lightweight and flexible construction; it enables trainees to focus on their technique and precision. This challenging form of sport continually pushes competitors of all ages and abilities to improve.

Morehouse Fencing Gear’s practice foil fencing swords are tailored to help fencers of all levels of play and are made from the highest quality materials. Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced trainee, this weapon will continue to help you elevate your game and take your fencing to the next level.

What are Foil Fencing Swords?

A foil is one of three different weapons used in the sport. Foil fencing swords are used as two fencers face off against each other on a piste, or “the narrow strip.” Both competitors aim to score more touches on the opponent's midsection with the tip of their foil. In foil fencing, opponents are restricted to targeting the torso, including the back and the front; and the parties must strike the opponent within a certain time frame in order to score.

When selecting your foil fencing sword, be sure to have the right weight, balance, grip, and style for your age range and size. Whether you are beginning or persisting in your fencing journey, a reliable weapon is essential to honing your craft. We supply a pistol grip handle that fits well in your hand. With our expertly crafted practice swords, you can trust that you’re investing in a sword that will help you refine your skills as you expand toward achieving your goals. As you progress in your blade work, you will grow to appreciate your sword’s pliability and design.

Choosing a Fencing Foil Sword

When you’re shopping for the right fencing foil, consider —

  • The skill level and experience
  • The appropriate weight and length for the type of play and size
  • The appropriate grip type

At Morehouse, we provide a fine selection of practice Foil fencing swords for you to use as you or your fencer hones in on footwork, agility, and ability.

Care and Maintenance of Your Weapon

Here are three main ways to properly care for and maintain Foil fencing swords. Simply clean and dry the blade, store the blade properly, and inspect it regularly.

      Cleaning and oiling the blade. After you use your foil sword, it is so important to clean and dry the blade appropriately to prevent it from rusting or getting corroded. Use a soft cloth to wipe the blade clean, and then use a dry cloth to gently rub the blade until it is completely dry.
      Storing the foil properly. When you're not using your foil sword, you must store it in a dry and, most importantly, secure place. Be sure to avoid putting it in a damp or humid environment for too long, as this can cause the blade to rust. We recommend storing your sword in a bag or a hard case to protect it. Keeping it free from dents or scratches and making sure it is dry are the two best ways to keep your blade healthy.
      Checking for damage and wear. It is important to inspect your sword every week to ensure that it is in good condition. Continue to check your blade for signs of damage like cracks or any bending. Be sure to replace it as necessary.

Accessories with Foil Fencing Swords

Fencing has been around for centuries, and it remains a unique and engaging sport today. Each kind of foil for fencing is important — and so is the other equipment that you may need to compete in the sport. For foil fencing, in addition to the fencing foil, you are required to have —

Quality Foil Fencing Swords from Morehouse Fencing Gear

With the right Foil fencing swords and other equipment, fencers can relish in their practice and success on the piste. Those who compete in foil fencing continually are challenged to grow, no matter their level. We exclusively provide the highest quality equipment that we would want our own team competitors to use. Shop the fencing foil selection today to find the right equipment.

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