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Fencing Sport Equipment

Selecting from our epee, foil, and sabres, you will find that our fencing sport equipment can help you or your child find your competitive edge. Enjoy a no-risk purchase backed by our 90-day satisfaction guarantee! Contact our NYC-based team with any questions about your fencing needs.
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Epee Practice Equipment Set
Epee Practice Equipment Set
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Saber Practice Equipment Set

Why is fencing sport equipment required?

Fencing is a fun sport and swordsmanship with three different modes of play — all of which award you points when you strike your opponent in various sections of the body. It is imperative to have the right gear for fencing so that you continue to have comfort and agility in your movements. The best fencing sport equipment will help you be nimble and precise in your actions.

The best fencing sport equipment for Olympic-style competition.

The most important things to consider when choosing the right equipment are durability, comfort, and safety! When investing in high-quality fencing equipment provided by Morehouse Fencing Gear, you can train confidently, knowing your safety is covered and you can perform at your best. Let's look at how to choose the right equipment.

Essential fencing sport equipment

You need quite a few pieces of equipment when you start fencing. To begin with, you need the proper sword, whether you are playing epee, foil, or sabre. The next most important piece of equipment is your mask. It covers your face offering protection for your head during a bout. After that, you must have the right jacket and knickers, covering the main places your body will be hit. They're both made from soft and breathable materials. Another protective equipment is the plaster or the chest protector that helps keep your chest area safe. Afterward, you'll need a glove, body cord, and other items to complete the outfit.

How to choose the right fencing sport equipment

You must choose lightweight and breathable items as you shop for your fencing sport. Other things to consider are personal preferences of fit and style, the kind of fencing you will be doing and the level you will be doing it at, how frequently you will be using your items and your budget.

What makes good equipment

Due to the nature of the competition, you need to find durable cut-resistant materials that give you flexibility for unrestricted movement. With the rules of play, you need electrical conductive components for scoring. The top five things to look for in your accessories are durability, comfort, safety, flexibility, and style.

  1. Durability allows you to withstand frequent contact with blades without wearing them too quickly; having high-quality materials should help your equipment resist the daily use of fencing.
  2. Comfort in your mask, jacket, and pants is imperative so that you can quickly move. Be sure that each item fits snugly but is tight enough.
  3. Safe fencing equipment is designed with durable wire mesh, padding, and other elements that will protect your head, hands, body, arms, and legs with the proper materials.
  4. Flexible Fencing Equipment will allow you to move freely without restriction. Look for jackets and pants that give you movement, made from flexible fabrics.
  5. Style comes with the fencing apparel as it's streamlined and classic — but you can add aesthetically pleasing accessories and bold colors to help you stand out on the fencing strip!

Checking your equipment

As soon as you receive your fencing equipment, check it with your coach or training staff to ensure you have the correct items and the proper fit according to their standards. Inspect your products' instructions for cleaning and maintenance, adequate storage, and replacements. Taking good care of your fencing sport equipment will help you in the long run as you train and compete in this thrilling sport.

Shopping for fencing sport equipment

We hope you have a good road ahead as you shop for fencing sport equipment —and that you love this sport! Morehouse Fencing Equipment was established by an Olympian who knows what it takes to win. All of our items are available for a full refund up to 90 days after purchase, ensuring you have exactly what you need to compete at a high level.

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