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Fencing Glove Size Chart

Tim Morehouse Fencing Gear fencing gloves help protect any competitor against any impact to the hand while still providing the full range of motion when competing or practicing in a bout. Whether striking or parrying, our gloves will comfortably wick away any sweat mid-tournament, helping you maintain a firm grip on your blade of choice. Having the right fit is essential to keeping your hand safe and handling your weapon with ease.

How do you measure for a fencing glove?

Please ensure you have a proper fit so that the glove doesn’t move during bouts or warm ups. It is essential to have the right sizing for your safety and that of your opponent. For an accurate fitting, wrap the measuring tape around your palm, not including the thumb. Then, add half of an inch (1/2") to the size, and that corresponding measurement is the proper glove for purchase.

How do I know my glove size?

Refer to the fencing glove size chart provided after measuring your hand:

Fencing Glove Size Chart

  • XX-Small: 5, 5.5
  • X-Small: 6, 6.5
  • Small: 7, 7.5
  • Medium: 8, 8.5, 9
  • Large: 9.5, 10
  • X-Large: 10.5, 11
  • XX-Large: 11.5, 12

When you are purchasing your glove, be aware that R indicates the glove for right-handed fencers, and L indicates the glove for left-handed fencers.

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