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Pistol Foil Grips

Pistol foil grips, or simply foils, are the specialized handles designed for the weapons used in the sport of fencing. Foil fencing is just one of three modes of modern fencing, along with the epee and sabre. The pistol foil grip helps the fencers have a secure hold on the weapon, leaving them comfortable and ready to act and quick and precise movements.
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About Pistol Foil Grips

Pistol grips are named after its shape, which is similar to that of a pistol (gun) grip. The grip is attached to the blade of the foil through the tang. The tang is an extension of the blade, protruding into the group. And then the palm serves to secure the grip inside.

Different grips can feel slightly different and change how you handle the weapon, so fencers often have their own preferences on which foil they use. Some fencers prefer a thicker grip, giving them better control, While others may want the thinner group that is easier to maneuver and more agile.

The History of Pistol Foil Grips

As fencing equipment has evolved over time, so has the pistol foil grip. While we can't exactly pinpoint where the pistol grip for fencing weapons originated, modern development goes back to the 19th century.

When foil fencing was just starting to emerge as a sport in the 18th century, there were a variety of grips used by fencers. Sometimes they were simple and rudimentary, but they soon grew into the modern version that we know today. For example, the Italian grip came on the scene in the mid-19th century, it helped to grasp with a better handling. Today, the pistol grip provides a mode for the more explosive strength in the modern 'Olympic' style of fencing which prefers more power and speed.Over time, the pistol grip continues to change. Now there's a more ergonomic grip for fencers that works to provide the fencer with absolute control.

How Pistol Foil Grips Improve Your Game

Here are a few distinctive ways that pistol foil grips can improve your game and answer performance.

  1. Ergonomics. Pistol foil grips can conform to the shape of your hand, providing more comfort and a relaxed feel. The ergonomic design is intended to reduce strain and fatigue when you're doing a few different bouts or practicing, letting you maintain a better grip while focusing on your Technique and your tactics.
  2. Maneuverability. Pistol grips can help you maneuver and wield your weapon. The ergonomic design helps you be more quick and fluid in your movements, gaining more responsiveness from your weapon. If you want to execute more advanced techniques, such as the riposte, you may experience better agility with this hold.
  3. Control. The finger grooves and design can help ensure you have a more secure hold, helping you have better control and more accuracy. If you're just starting out wanting to successfully hit your target, having the right feel for your pistol foil grip can definitely help.
  4. Personalization. You can choose between a variety of sizes and customize your fit to your hand, depending on which hand and hold feels best to you.

Finding The Right Pistol Foil Grip

Our pistol grip perfectly contours to any hand. Blade size #5 is the standard adult size, while blade size #2 is the standard youth size. Choose the blade and hand orientation (lefty or righty). At Morehouse Fencing Gear, we provide competitive pistol foil grips that can help you reach your goals, and we strive to equip all emerging and competitive fencers to compete at their best. Be sure to discuss the weapon requirements you need with your coaching staff to compete in fencing.

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