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Fencing Practice Swords

When first introduced to fencing and starting to practice daily, premiere fencing practice swords can provide a foundation for excellence in practice and, ultimately, the competition. Selecting from our starter fencing practice swords, you will find that our equipment can help you obtain a competitive edge in your fencing training.

Morehouse Fencing Gear supplies the leading practice equipment as you train for Olympic-style competitions. Founded by Olympian Tim Morehouse, Morehouse Fencing Gear takes pride in how our swords help beginning fencers take their proficiency to the next level. Enjoy a no-risk purchase backed by our 90-day satisfaction guarantee! Contact our NYC-based team with any questions about your fencing needs.

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Epee Pistol Grip Standard Practice Weapon
Foil Pistol Grip Standard Practice Weapon
Non-electric French Standard Practice Weapon
Epee French Grip Standard Practice Weapon

The Best Fencing Practice Swords for Olympic-style Competition

If you are a new fencer or the parent of a student just starting in the sport, you may be wondering about the essentials you may need to look for when shopping for your student's fencing practice swords. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding choosing fencing practice swords.

Why are fencing practice swords important?

Fencing is swordsmanship that awards you points when you strike your rival in various predefined sections of the body. Additional components go into the different rules of play for epee, sabre, and foil, but this is primarily the idea behind these forms of the game in both dry and electric fencing. It is imperative to have specialized gear for fencing that provides comfort and agility in your movements. The best fencing practice swords will help you be both precise and nimble in your actions.

Here are some reasons why fencing practice swords are so important.

Simulating real scenarios. Fencing, a sport that requires skill and precision, relies heavily on practice swords as the combatants simulate real scenarios and improve technique, making the selection for your high-quality practice sword key.

Developing techniques. The quality and characteristics of your practice sword will directly impact the fencer's ability to learn and develop their strategies. Your practice sword should be well-balanced and properly weighted like the actual weapons used during competition. A well-balanced and appropriately crafted sword will enable the fencer to execute their movements accurately, giving them control, precision, and enhanced performance.

Durability. During your many training sessions, which include frequent contact with other fencing weapons, you want to have a durable practice sword that will last a long time with the proper maintenance.

Safety while training. Fencing practice swords have been designed to minimize any risk of injury during your training sessions. Choosing a sword with appropriate safety features, like rounded tips and flexible blades, will significantly reduce the chances of someone being hurt during practice. When you invest in high-quality fencing practice swords provided by Morehouse Fencing Gear, you can confidently train, knowing that your competitor and their partners should stay safe while training. Your training weapon will also evolve as you continue to improve in the sport.

How to choose the proper fencing practice swords

As you shop for your fencing sport, Be sure to look for something you feel confident holding and comfortable with. Using a well-suited practice sword will help you feel more confident and help you focus on your form or strategy without distraction.

Benefits to Expect from Quality Equipment

When you have the proper fencing practice swords, you can expect to experience —

  • Improved performance
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Increased comfort during training and competitions
  • Enhanced safety for both fencers

Checking your Equipment

As soon as you receive your fencing sword, inspect that it all feels right. It's a great idea to look over the weapon with your coach or training staff to ensure you have the correct items and the proper fit. Be sure to check the instructions for cleaning and maintenance, adequate storage, and when you need to replace your items. Taking good care of your fencing practice swords will help you as you train and compete in this thrilling sport.

Shopping for fencing practice swords

We hope you have a good foundation as you shop for fencing practice swords! Morehouse Fencing Equipment was established by an Olympian who knows what it takes to win. All our items are available for a full refund up to 90 days after purchase, ensuring you have exactly what you need to compete at a high level.

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