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Fencing Books

Tim Morehouse, previous Olympian and our owner, is passionate about this sport that has existed since 1896 in the Olympics. One of our favorite fencing books is his own personal story of training, competing, and winning in the sport of fencing. Right now, only about 700,000 people know how to fence — with 16,000 USA-registered competitors. We are passionate about seeing that number increase, and reading about fencing can help to broaden the reach of this sport.
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American Fencer: Modern Lessons from an Ancient Sport (Hardcover)

Fencing Books

If you're looking for fencing books, you are already well on your way to learning the art of fencing. Reading about fencing has many benefits, including improving fencing skills, learning fencing history and culture, developing your mental and physical agility in the sport, and providing inspiration and motivation to succeed. From historical and instructional fencing to modern fencing and fictional fencing stories, there is a wide variety of fencing books that you can add to your collection. When you love the sport and are fully engaged, reading about fencing can be another way to improve your overall ability as a competitor.

About Fencing Books

When you are looking to choose a fencing book to start with, first consider the type of fencing that you're interested in. Whether you're looking to engage in epee, foil, or saber fencing, or all of the above, various books will hone your skills in these areas. Second, consider your skill level and the goals that you have in your form of fencing. There are plenty of books to begin with on the starter level, as well as books to help you hone in your agility, concentration, and more. One option is to discuss with your coach which books would be most beneficial for you. Third, look for reviews and ratings from other readers, which can help you determine whether or not these books have helped them.

Recommended Fencing Books

If you're looking to improve your fencing game, here are some of the topics that they may touch on and the benefits you may receive.

  • Improving your understanding of how the sport of fencing operates. Fencing books can help you understand the sport more deeply, including its rules, vast history, and contemporary culture. When you know these aspects of the game, you may be able to make more informed decisions during your matches.
  • Incorporating new techniques and approaches. From detailed explanations and illustrations to personal stories, you can understand different strategies that you may not have thought of before and learn how to incorporate them into your personal game.
  • Improving your mental game. We all know how your thoughts impact the results of the sport. Learning how to develop and sharpen your focus, mental agility, and concentration can help you with the mental aspects of the sport. When you apply the principles learned can make you a more confident and focused competitor.

Some of the best fencing books range from classics to instructional fencing books. Here are some of our recommended readings to help you on your way to developing your ability as a fencer:

  • “American Fencer” by Tim Morehouse
  • "The Art of Fencing" by Monsieur L'Abbat
  • "The School of Fencing" by Domenico Angelo
  • "Epee Fencing: A Complete System" by Imre Vass
  • "The Foil: Excellence in Technique" by Alexander Kirillov
  • "Fencing: Steps to Success" by Elaine Cheris
  • "The Complete Guide to Fencing" by Berndt Barth

About Tim Morehouse’s Fencing Book

“American Fencer, Modern Lessons From an Ancient Sport” Was written by Tim Morehouse as a memoir depicting his time as an Olympic fencer on the United States team. He competed at three different Olympics, winning a silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The book reviews Morehouse's Journey as he went from growing up in a working-class family to ultimately becoming a world-class fencer and Olympic medalist.

Written with best-selling author Garth Sundem, this memoir is fast-paced, taking you through the inspiring years as he went from growing up in a rough neighborhood in New York City to the greatest fencing halls in the United States and the world. Eventually, he had the joy of competing and landing on the Olympic podium. His life has been focused on "Maestro di scherma, maestro di vita" (Master fencing, master life).

Tim values the lessons and revelations that competing on the strip can provide. While there is a sometimes dangerous and dark side to international fencing, the journey offered him incredible lessons for life. Some of the points made in the book include:

  • "Win the idea, lose the point”—You can fence well and still be touched, but by measuring success by your actions and not the score, you can turn the tide of a match.
  • “Close the distance”—It’s useless to shout a pickup line from across a crowded bar, and likewise, it’s useless to feint cut Russia’s Stanislav Pozdniakov from an inch too far away. The right move from the wrong distance is no move at all.

You’ll enjoy reading about his Experience competing in three different Olympics. The highlight was the Beijing Olympics, where he won a silver medal in the men's saber team event. You'll also understand the disappointment and struggle of narrowly missing a medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

Finally, Tim Morehouse goes beyond recounting his athletic achievements personally to discussing his work as a fencing educator and promoting the sport to a broader audience, including underprivileged youth. You will walk away from this story, being inspired by his dedication to the sport as well as programs to grow the youth today.

One reader had this to say about “American Fencer”:

“Tim Morehouse's enlightening story opens to the masses the inside world of a small sport that has been dominated by European professionals. This really is an underdog tale that ends in success. I highly recommend this book for young adults and teens for its excitement. And I recommend parents read this as well if they are interested in enrolling their kids in an exciting extracurricular activity that will not only motivate them and teach them life lessons like discipline and perseverance but will keep them healthy as well.” A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!! - Yitzy Frankel

And another said:

"Tim’s story is one for the ages. Even after ten years of competing side by side, I never cease to be amazed by his indefatigable will and hunger for improvement. An impossible goal is only impossible if you make it so, and readers can learn a lot from Tim’s inspiring narrative about finding himself in life and in fencing." - Jason Rogers, 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist, Men’s Fencing

Finding Your Favorite Fencing Books

As you continue your fencing training and competition journey, we hope that finding the best fencing books helps you become a better competitor! We want to encourage you to explore the world of fencing books because they genuinely can help you understand the technique, strategize, develop your mental game, and lean into the environment in a different way. Be sure to purchase Tim Morehouse’s fencing book, which will help improve your craft and understand Olympic competition!

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