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Fencing Blades

If you are new to fencing or simply need a new weapon, you may be searching for the perfect fencing blade. We provide excellent foil, sabre, and epee blades. Morehouse Fencing Gear knows what it takes to win and provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases, including fencing blades.
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#1 Fencing Blades for Olympic-style Competition

Our fencing blades, designed by Tim Morehouse, are made from high-quality materials. Whether picking up your first fencing blade or as an experienced trainee with the pistol grip blade, this lightweight weapon can help you take your practice and competitions to the next level.

Competitive fencing prizes speed, reflexes, and the ability to understand your opponent and use your fencing blades to their greatest potential for the specific style. We love a light fencing blade that helps you hone in on strategy and accuracy.

Fencing blades are divided into three main categories: foil, épée blade, and sabre. The simplest fencing blade is the foil. It is a light-thrusting weapon with a small oval hand guard. The target area is restricted to the torso, making it ideal for beginners. The épée is a heavier fencing blade that is also used for thrusting. Unlike the foil, however, the entire body is considered a valid target area. As a result, épée fencing can be more complex and challenging than foil fencing.

The sabre blade is a fencing weapon primarily used for cutting or slashing movements. The target area includes everything above the waist, making it the most physically demanding of the three fencing disciplines. While all fencing blades are designed for different purposes, they all share one common goal: to score a touch on your opponent. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each blade, fencers can choose the right weapon for their particular style of play.

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