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Épée Fencing Swords

The épée Is a thrusting weapon with a triangular blade that tapers off. It is the heaviest and longest weapon for fencing — and with a more defensive game and more opportunity to score — it delivers the most realistic of all the fencing disciplines. At Morehouse Fencing Gear, we provide top-of-the-line practice épée fencing swords and equipment designed to help you take your defensive swordsmanship work and fencing game to the next level. Our blades are crafted precisely and ensure the best performance and durability throughout your play. We are so confident in the quality of our products we provide a 90-day satisfaction guarantee on all purchases, including our épée fencing swords.

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Epee Pistol Grip Standard Practice Weapon

#1 Épée Fencing Swords for Olympic-style Competition

One of the best tenants of a growing fencer is the ability to think and anticipate or outmaneuver the opponent strategically. Those who fence appreciate the épée’s quadrangular blades for their lightweight and flexible construction; it enables trainees to focus on their technique and precision. This challenging form of the sport continually pushes competitors of all ages and abilities to improve.

Morehouse Fencing Gear’s practice épée fencing swords are tailored to help fencers of all levels of play and are made from the highest quality materials. Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced trainee, this weapon will continue to help you elevate your game and take your fencing to the next level.

What are Épée Fencing Swords?

An épée is one of three different weapons used in the sport. Épée fencing has two distinctions that revolutionize how you play and compete. In the style, touches are scored by hitting anywhere on the opponent's body, including the feet. Since the entire body is the target area, this change makes fencing with your épée weapon the most realistic of all the disciplines. When competitors are fencing, most take a defensive style, waiting for the opponent to attack, looking for a chance to counter-attack. Second, épée fencing does not use a “system of priority,” meaning that if either fencer hits the other simultaneously, they both receive the point. This rule requires that fencers become more precise and act more carefully in their attacks and defenses.

When selecting your épée fencing sword, have the right weight, balance, grip, and style for your age range and size. Whether beginning or persisting in your fencing journey, a reliable weapon is essential to honing your craft. With our expertly crafted épée practice swords, you can trust that you’re investing in a blade that helps you refine your skills as you develop and achieve your goals. As you progress, you will grow to appreciate your sword’s design.

Care and Maintenance of Your Weapon

Here are three main ways to properly care for and maintain épée fencing swords. Simply clean and dry the blade, store it properly, and inspect it regularly.

  1. Cleaning and oiling the blade. After you have used your épée sword, it is best to clean and dry the blade. Use a soft cloth to wipe the blade neat, and then use a dry cloth, gently rubbing the edge until it is completely dry, stopping it from rusting or getting corroded.
  2. Storing the épée properly. When you're not utilizing your épée sword, you should keep it in a dry and secure place. Bypassing moist or humid conditions for too long, as this can make the blade rust. We suggest storing your sword in a bag or hard case.
  3. Checking for damage and wear. It is essential to check your sword weekly to ensure it is in good condition as you practice or compete. Be sure to replace it as necessary.

Accessories with Épée Fencing Swords

Fencing has been around for hundreds of years, and it remains a unique and fascinating sport today. Each kind of épée for fencing is essential — and so is the other equipment that you may need to compete in the sport. For épée fencing, in addition to the fencing épée, you are required to have —

Quality Épée Fencing Swords from Morehouse Fencing Gear

Fencers can enjoy their triumphs and learning sessions on the piste by appropriately using and caring for their épée swords. No matter the level, you can push yourself to improve! With the proper fencing swords and equipment, fencers can relish their practice and success on the piste. Those who compete in épée fencing continually are challenged to grow, no matter their level. We solely provide the highest quality épée equipment that we would want our team competitors to use. Shop the fencing épée selection today to find the right equipment.

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